Monday, May 26, 2014

It has been a long 2 weeks since my last post.  I am starting to have more energy during the day.  I don't take 3 naps a day{down to only 1 1/2},  Progress even if it is slow is still moving in the right direction.,  My labs are getting closer to normal, in fact the CRP is right at normal.  IT needs to stay that way===however the ESR is down from 103 to 95 ,{ it needs to be down to 35} so I will be on the IV for at least another 3 weeks.  Maybe the Infectious disease DR. was right .  I will be on the IV for a year and if I am not better in 6 months they will throw me to the sharks.  LOL  Luckily Dr. Winters is more optimistic that the ID Dr's . 

It has been so nice to have Marie and Tricia's family around to come and visit when they have time.  I look forward to having Lynn and Family,  Scott and Family, Jason and Family come for 4th of July.  Family is such a blessing .

Extended, Brothers and Sisters {blood and In-laws}  have been so concerned and supportive.  I know that some of them have their own struggles. I am amazed that we have all aged.  It doesn't seem like any of us should be older than 40.

I love my family, I find I am so impressed with the quality of people I have for relatives.

Friday, May 9, 2014

I have not written for so long that one would think this blog is dead.  Well, it is not.  I have been sick for about 2 months.  I had back surgery on the 6th of March. Which was very successful.  However, after 8 days I developed a staph infection, for which I was readmitted to the hospital.  

I had a 2nd surgery on the 17th of March, having been on morphine, and dilated  besides having an infection which was all through my body.  Much of about   a 48-72 hour stretch I don't even remember.  I am told that I was in  ICU for a time.  That I quit breathing 2 x's and that I had my family very worried.  I was too sick to notice. 

I am aware  that there have been many tender mercies from the Lord. 
1st --being in touch with Travis Slade 
2nd --Travis directing me to Dr. Winters 
3rd --The success of the 1st surgery
4th --My learning the wonderful family, our closeness 
5th -- the total  dependance I feel for LeGrand 
6th --the support of the Ward.  
7th-- we came home to a clean house, food in the refrigerator and 2  hanging baskets full of flowers on the patio.  


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

They are fun and hopefully appreciated.

I have been working on baby receiving blankets for Mom's that don't have anything to take their babies home from the hospital in. These are my 2nd batch. Didn't take pictures of the 1st.

THis is Sister Jarman --SHe and her husband are from Washington, they came to take our place in the office .
Brother and Sister ajar men

President Collins and his Daughter.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home with the President and his family, other senior missionaries from the officer and the assistants.
it Was so nice
This is a place that has huge burgers like 3-=5 lbs. Quite a few of the missionaries has their name on the wall. We just walked through.

Downtown Carmel, Indiana

We went to town and saw all the statue's that are downtown. They are nice -- look real.


Of course I show my best side '

Trying to catch up on our mission blog. We walked the Monon trail by our apt. as often as we could. It is a run, jog, walk , bike, roller blade path that is about 12.6 miles. It connects with other trails that run about 30-40 miles throughout Carmel and Indy. A very nice trail to be on.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Recently went to California with my daughters and one of their friends. ( I include my daughter in law in the daughters category). We had a "Wicked " weekend. We went to the fabric, garment district of LA .. painted our toe nails green and attended Wicked. We had so much fun. The company was good , the play was good( in fact I would love to see it again) .

Here are some pictures.

Lounging around
getting silicone nails -- best thing ever for my nails
Eating and eating and eating ---fun
buying curling irons in the district
Eating , Eating and Eating again
Getting directions to the bathroom --- which were few and far between for a bunch of girls

Our finished product --- too bad we couldn't wear sandals to show off the toes .

getting the pedicures.

So much fun. Missed Tasha. Maybe next year .